LectureMAKER is an e-Learning content authoring software which empowers anyone to create interactive lessons and activities that can be easily delivered in various ways based on the deployment requirements.

It allows to save the content in the universally accepted HTML5 format and the output is SCORM compliant.
    You can deliver HTML-5 based content on any device without any additional program installation with HTML5 publishing.
    (Internet Explorer is covered partially. 6, 7, 8 is not supported yet.)

    Html5 publishing sample site
    Applies ready-made navigation buttons or use various button types with action functions to create interactions easily. Build interactive courses easily with pre-designed buttons and control.
    Easy-to-learn synchronization with multimedia
    Simply create content by easily synchronizing slides and objects to video and audio.
    Records voice, video and electronic board for creating dynamic live lecture without any additional tools.
    Offers a variety of functions to create e-learning content quickly such as quizzes, buttons, object control and synchronization, design, templates, etc.

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